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Registration K5 +48 58 688 89 99 M7 +48 58 620 99 01- click


"Morska" is a professional outpatient clinic in Gdynia. Our specialties are, above all, rehabilitation and physiotherapy services. We also provide medical help from medical doctors specialising in a wide range of fields of medicine.

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy - Przychodnia Morska


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Our specialists

Professionalism and a high level of medical is a priority for us. All specialists constantly expand and improve their qualifications.

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Working hours

Check the consultation hours of our physicians and specialists. The outpatient clinic is open from Monday to Friday from 07:00 am - 08:00 pm.

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Photo gallery

Click here to go to the photo gallery presenting our outpatient clinic and how we work here.

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How to find us?

Our outpatient clinic is located in Gdynia, opposite the main railway station, on the crossroads of Morska street and Śląska street. The outpatient clinic may be accessed from Warszawska street.

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Przychodnia Morska, ul. Morska 7/1-2, 81-323 Gdynia
tel. 58 620 99 01, 517 39 38 39, e-mail. rejestracja@przychodniamorska.pl